What did you dream of owning, as a kid? A bike, video games, maybe an iPad? Those gifts are wishful thinking for kids living in shelters. Their dreams are more practical; warm clothing, coats, socks, and shoes.  And often their wishes are not for themselves, but for their family, as in, “Santa, my mommy needs a coat.”

Since 2001, City Santa has delivered these basic necessities, as well as books and toys, to families in crisis at the holidays and throughout the year. We’ve given a hand up to women and children living in domestic violence shelters, families in homeless shelters and a shelter devoted to adults with disabilities. We’ve also brightened the holidays for children of military veterans struggling after serving in the war, as well children in Boys & Girls Clubs.

City Santa touched the lives of more than 1200 people last year!

We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER 501(C)3 organization.

Please join us in making more dreams come true this year!

City Santa’s motto: Give unconditionally, without reservation, expectations or judgment.

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